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For the Love of Shoes

For the Love of Shoes

Floral + Embroidered Booties


I generally don’t like floral anything on any of my clothing. Growing up we had a couch with an awful 90s floral pattern. It was horrendous. And anytime I would go shopping with my mom & she would pull out a floral top for me to try, I stuck my nose up and said gave her a firm “no”.

But my views have shifted a bit with the latest velvet and floral embroidered boot trend. I love funky shoes and these are all my style. These are some of my favorites from across the web.  

1. Joie Blayze Floral Boot | 2. Ego Omari Floral Velvet Boots  | 3. Jeffrey Campbell Stratford Floral Boot | 4. Shelleys London Chanah Embroidered Platform Bootie  | 5. Alexandre Birman Regina Embroidered Velvet Boot  | 6. Saint Laurent Floral Jacquard Boot  | 7. Topshop Blossom Embroidered Boots |  8.  Public Desire Hana Bootie   | 9. Sam Edelman Taye Bootie

To my US readers, have a lovely Thanksgiving & safe travels if you’re traveling for the holiday!



For the Love of Shoes

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For the Love of Shoes

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For the Love of Shoes

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For the Love of Shoes

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