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Outfit: A Bohemian Pirate

I started watching Black Sails recently, why I hadn’t started before is beyond me. I love period shows: Vikings, Outlander, Penny Dreadful, and to the dismay of dear husband, I even watch Dr Quinn Medicine Woman, just to name a few.

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Golden Sun {Boho Chic in Eastern Washington}

Despite thousands of acres burning & blanketing the state of Washington in a red haze, I spent the weekend in Chelan for my significant other’s cousin’s wedding. The smoke was so thick that it was so much cooler outside…


Sassy Sassenach: Outlander Inspired Fashion

OK OK, I admit I have a problem. I am OBSESSED with Starz’s new series Outlander. I started the book while on vacation before the show aired. I was 45 pages in, then I watched the first episode of…

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I’m excited. I’ve joined the smart phone world with a new Droid 2, and I love it. I went to the Verizon Store last Friday to pick out a phone as it was update time already…I knew I wanted…


i want too much. new fashion picks.

Free People Sweater *NYC Boutique Leggings, *NYC Boutique, MAXSTUDIO, but in BLACK Jessica Simpson Dolce & Gabbana…