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Autumn In the Air

Scottish Highland Autumn

Autumn in the Scottish Highlands near Loch Ness. 2015.

I was migrating my blog recently, and I realized that I hadn’t posted about Scotland. It’s almost been a year, a whole year, since we were in the United Kingdom, and we became engaged. Our wedding is coming up here in less than a week and a half. I can’t believe it’s already that time.

But back to Scotland, it’s a beautiful country, especially in autumn, and I will be recapping our time there in a future post.

Whether or not the rest of the country agrees, it’s fall in the Pacific Northwest. Summer disappeared in an instant, replaced by the rain and fog and chilly days that require sweaters.

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Hawaii travel

Surf’s up in Kona

Hawaii. My winter escape to sunshine and marine life. For me, it doesn’t matter that every year I go to the same place with my family. We stay in the same condo complex and see the same friends and…