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Today was madness. Pure madness. With school and then work. Then after work had dinner & had some whiskey with one of my favorite girls, Emily. Now…4 hours later, I’m working on my title sequence for digital video tomorrow. I’m redoing the title sequence to Tristan & Isolde…because seriously….”TRISTAN AND ISOLDE” in Papyrus is not an opening sequence at all.

(Picture is backwards, sorry.)

So, I’m using graphics from illuminated manuscripts and literally making the opening sequence, an animated illuminated manuscript. Thank you god for After Effects, but its the tracing and scanning into illustrator that will take the longest, I hope I can knock out the drawing part tonight and scan everything in tomorrow in class.

And I’ve got the Westfield London project to work on, which is actually coming along really nicely and I was stoked that Kacey liked my revisions today. Hopefully Thursday I can dive into Flash and begin coding everything. Once I get the assets together it should be fairly easy. Just calling movieclips in actionscript….whew.

I registered for my last quarter of college today. All I can say is, that was a fast 4 years. Holy cow.

It’s almost unreal.

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