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shoe porn – i love a funky wedge

These are from the Jeffrey Campbell lookbook, currently available for download on his site.

I’ve been into funky shoes lately, wedges in particular, but I’ve always enjoyed the style of Jeffrey Campbell’s shoes. I admired from a far though, usually I’d come across them on a website, and I would browse, but never bought anything. But with my recent love of interesting but edgy shoes, I find myself wanting a pair more and more. They’re just so fun, and really stand out. A pair of his shoes could make an outfit.

These are amazing! I love the pattern!

Ever since I bought my leggings from Black Milk, I’ve been on this fun and edgy fashion binge that involves finding clothing and accessories from names you can’t find in Nordstrom or a department store. I’ve found myself browsing etsy for jewelry and accessories, and I’ve found some gorgeous pieces that aren’t overpriced. But that’s for another post…back to shoes.

Finsk – Project 3

The geometrical elements of this shoe are beautiful, perhaps that’s the graphic designer in me…I love the structure of it.

More of FINSK’s collection.



All of these brands can be bought at Solestruck.

And now I’m off.
I’ve been basking in totally awesome shoes for too long.