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5 Restaurants to Visit in Old Town Edinburgh

edinburgh cityscape
Edinburgh is one of my favorite cities I’ve ever traveled to. Just walking around, you can feel the history all around you. There’s just something about sitting in a pub that’s older than the United States by almost 200 years. When my friend David told me he would be speaking at a design conference there this summer, I decided to write a small guide.

Most of my blog posts have just been overall recaps of my visits to Edinburgh. In this post I’ll dive into 5 of my favorite spots in Old Town Edinburgh, where I spent most of my time, to grab a drink and some delicious food.

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travel United Kingdom

Four Days in London: Days 3 & 4

As temperatures cool down and autumn rolls in, I’m left dreaming of autumn in the UK. Autumn in London was delightful and dreamy, and Scotland even more so. Autumn is my season: it’s my ‘hopelessly romantic’ season, where I…

travel United Kingdom

Four Days in London: Days 1 & 2

It’s September 1! Already. Oh my goodness, and what better day to continue my UK travel posts than today in honor of Harry Potter! I adore London. It’s a city that from the moment I stepped foot there, it…


London Part 1

Deep down there is a part of me that is an idealist. I get a romantic notion in my head about the way something should be & make me feel. I had this idea about autumn in the United…