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Rene Ropas Grand Opening & Consultation

The Rene Ropas grand opening was in the beginning of June, and I am only updating now because I had a consultation with Morgan Carson, the designer, yesterday and wanted to include that experience in my blog, because going in to play dress up with her and let her do her thing is a whole new experience. I was her graphic design intern for a few months and have only been a viewer at the events she has been involved in.

Her boutique space is lovely, and I love the shelving units she has that store all her fabrics and some of the vintage accessories she carries. It’s like a honeycomb of goodies!

The boutique houses her couture collection as well as vintage pieces that she custom fits and styles for you. When you come in to your first visit, your consultation, she picks out vintage pieces for you, and you can pick as well, and it’s a style bar, as Morgan put it. You can also pick from her original collection.

At the opening, I fell in the love the floral pink skirt on the right, and at the consultation yesterday, we picked out fabric for my own custom skirt. I am so excited for the final piece! We will have another appointment at the boutique for the fitting.

I also picked between two vintage outfits that Morgan adjusted and styled preliminarily with pins. Unfortunately I did not get pictures of either one, but I picked an 80s style dress that at first look you would think, oh my goodness…no way! But Morgan worked her magic with pins and bunching and explained her vision. Suddenly I had visions of an incredibly stylish and cute cocktail dress. Also, looking forward to the final piece!

Some cards I designed for Morgan months ago, used as jewelry holders.

The opening party was lovely, and the consultation was even more fun with Morgan. I highly recommend contacting her and setting up an appointment to play! Her boutique is on Western Ave in Belltown and you do need an appointment.



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