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I’m excited. I’ve joined the smart phone world with a new Droid 2, and I love it.

I went to the Verizon Store last Friday to pick out a phone as it was update time already…I knew I wanted a smart phone but I didn’t want to switch to AT&T for an iPhone, I like Verizon and my dad has the Droid Eris, so I knew I wanted a Droid, but which one? What ultimately helped me make my decision on which phone to pick was the fact that the Droid 2 has a slide out keyboard and it is Flash compatible.

It’s a sweet phone and all the free apps are super cool. And I love it when I get text message or email and all you hear is “Drooooid”. =)

I got my Burberry lip gloss finally ♥ and I cannot wait to buy some of the other products. The lip gloss is creamy and doesn’t get that goopy, sticky feeling on your lips. It moisturizes and makes your lips feel soft. The reviews on for the other products are 4 or 5 stars, so I’m waiting to use up my foundation and go splurge.

Some other lip glosses…
Coach is a little goopy, but shu uemura is like the Burberry gloss, not goopy and it moisturizes but its more sheer and doesn’t have a real full color like the Burberry does.

We went to Wenatchee a few weekends ago and Ryan’s mom had a Tarte set for me. Waterproof mascara and eyeshadow and it came with a big scarf that matches the colors of the eye shadow. I’ve tried the gold, but I’m a little hesitant on trying the turquoise….

With the Burberry make up I also ordered this light sweater from Bobeau

And this camisole from Free People, which was a steal and its so versatile, I love it!

Been busy with work, all the new tenants are moving in with school starting in 2 weeks. I kind of miss the excitement of back to school, it was always a really enjoyable time for me, starting the new classes, and seeing everyone. Life goes on though, and I KNOW once I land a design job somewhere, it will be the same excitement on a new level. I am so ready to just work my butt off and design!

I’ve finally landed on a design I like for my portfolio website that knocks it all up a notch…or two. It feels like I say that all the time but its for real this time! I have probably 5 different sites halfway built but I get halfway through them and then I’m like, this sucks. But you’re your own worst critic right? So it’s all apart of the process for me.

I’ve been on a Bayou on the Bay craze lately. Mmmm cajun food! Their chicken wings and fried okra are so good. And I love their blackened prawn caesar salad….with a whiskey & coke….mmm it makes for a good meal.

And I actually ate some sushi the other day….I am super picky and when my friends took me out to try it last year I was not liking it…except for the salmon. So I grabbed this the other day for lunch and devoured the salmon, the tuna was OK, I’m sure it would have been much better fresh, so maybe I will have to give it another shot and go out in Seattle.

Well, it is my day off, and I’m not feeling too hot, so I’m going to make some food and kick back and do some sketches and design.

And just because I like doing “what’s in your purse”, here’s a recent shot.

Have a great Wednesday everyone!


oh yeah…RATATAT in a week!