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gift guide for the witch
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Gift Guide: For the Witch or Wiccan

gift guide for the witch

There are so many things that seep into other parts of my life as someone who identifies as a witch. Outside of my herb garden and kitchen, witchy elements creep into my style. If there’s someone in your life who identifies as a witch and you’re unsure what to get them this holiday season, I’ve compiled a list of some of my favorite things like books, jewelry & ritual pieces as well as a few fun items.

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Witchy Woman: the Imperfect Details

The day before the Seattle Style Summit this year, my husband and I were at brunch while I was lamenting over my nerves. Not necessarily social anxiety nerves, but something I’ve always struggled with: fitting in. Scrolling through the…

wicca and witchy jewelry brands
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Witchy & Wicca Jewelry Brands

I’m not one for mainstream jewelry, it’s not that I don’t like it, there are some delicate pieces that I occasionally find that I like, but I really love pieces that stand out and say something about me. Even…